Risk and resilience: Understanding the link between maternal adverse experiences and child development at 5 years
, Erin Hetherington, 265311
Exploring relations between early experiences and children's competence across cognitive and social-emotional competence in kindergarten
, Gioia Stokovac, 265312
The newly revised Positive Mental Health Toolkit: Bringing a comprehensive whole student, whole school approach to mental health promotion
, Katherine Eberl Kelly, 265314
Mental well-being among children in foster care: The role of supportive adults
, Carly Magee, 265315
Comment prévenir les risques liés à la pratique du poker ? Le point de vue des joueurs
, Adèle Morvannou, 265316
‘Generation touch screen': A population-level study investigating the longitudinal link between screen time and social-emotional well-being in early adolescence
, Savithri Cooray, 265317
Drowning in the Montreal black community: Is there a problem?
, Liane Fransblow, 265318
Spirituality and resilience in the context of HIV/AIDS among African, Caribbean and Black people in Ontario
, Josephine Etowa, 265319
Infant feeding experiences of Black mothers living with HIV: A community based participatory research
, Josephine Etowa, 265320
Breastfeeding among women with physical disabilities
, Lesley Tarasoff, 265321
Indigenous approaches to FASD prevention: Enacting the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Call to Action 33
, Lindsay Wolfson, 265323
Asthma hospitalizations among children and youth in Canada: Trends and inequalities
, Christina Catley, 265324
Understanding the journey to care for Ugandan children with rare surgical diseases
, Iris Liu, 265325
The importance of partnerships for public health interventions promoting children's health: Evidence from the Healthy Kids Community Challenge
, Rachel Laxer, 265327
Examining rates and income-related inequalities for day surgery for early childhood caries across Canada's major cities
, Harshani Dabere, 265328
Transforming evidence into practice: Preschool oral health strategy
, Simone Kaptein, 265329
Natural experiment on trade and investment liberalization and soft drink consumption
, Yassen Tcholakov, 265330
Food insecurity and nutritional experiences of college students
, Michelle Bishop, 265331
Running a health and wellness deficit: Understanding the cost of thriving in urban Alberta
, Amanda Barberio, 265333
What motivates FitBit users?
, Erin OLoughlin, 265334
Consumption of ultra-processed foods and drinks and its association with chronic diseases in the Canadian population: Analysis of 2015 Canadian Community Health Survey
, Milena Nardocci, 265335
Exposure to fast-food vs other restaurant types in relation to the development of diabetes and hypertension: A population-based retrospective cohort study
, Jane Polsky, 265336
Foodservice manager perspectives on the feasibility of sustainable menu practices in Quebec healthcare institutions
, Béatrice Dagenais, 265337
A systematic review and meta-regression of the elderly's food safety knowledge and behaviours in the home setting
, Abhinand Thaivalappil, 265338
Trust and safety: A systematic review studying the human interactions around interventions, practitioners and individuals who are homeless and vulnerably housed
, Olivia Magwood, 265341
Boite à outils pour la surveillance post-sinistre des impacts sur la santé mentale
, Magalie Canuel, 265342
Policy and programming responses to the opioid crisis at Canadian post-secondary institutions
, Layal Alessandra Mounzer, 265345
Gaps in public preparedness to be a substitute decision maker: Time for high school education on resuscitation and end-of-life care?
, Michael KY Wong, 265347
Evaluating the Skin Cancer Prevention Act (Tanning Beds): A survey of Ontario public health units
, Jessica Reimann, 265348
Alternative facts and artificial rays: Health and risk information on tanning salon websites
, Jennifer McWhirter, 265349
'I think there should be photos': Indoor tanners' perceptions of health warning labels for tanning beds
, Sydney Gosselin, 265350
Maximizing research impacts on cancer prevention: An integrated knowledge translation approach used by the Canadian Population Attributable Risk of Cancer study
, Elizabeth Holmes, 265351
Screening of population level biomonitoring data from the Canadian Health Measures Survey in a risk-based context
, Kate Werry, 265353
Shifting perspectives - Knowledge mobilization for TB elimination in Indigenous communities
, Margaret Haworth-Brockman, 265354
Measuring it to manage it: Assessing evidence-informed decision-making competence in public health nursing
, Emily Belita, 265356
Exploring health care consumer involvement in clinical practice guideline development
, Adam Jordan, 265357
Identifying the training needs of Ontario's public health workforce
, Anya Archer, 265358
A comparative case study of community health workers for the provision of mental health care in Canada: Lessons from Behvarz Program in Iran
, Elmira Mirbahaeddin, 265359
Pre-departure medical services for Canada-bound refugees: Health support for vulnerable populations
, Jacklyn Quinlan, 265361
Hospitalization related to Hepatitis B and C in recent immigrants in Canada
, Jacklyn Quinlan, 265362
Access to a primary family doctor among linguistic and visible minority women in Ottawa
, Rosanne Blanchet, 265363
Impact of the Syilx-led reintroduction of Okanagan sockeye salmon on Syilx health and well-being
, Rosanne Blanchet, 265364
Investigating the potential for importation of Zika virus and yellow fever into Canada from Brazil
, Tara Sadeghieh, 265367
Considerations and contextual factors that impact the use of hypothesis generation methods in enteric illness outbreak investigations: Results of a scoping review
, Carla Ickert, 265368
A systematic review of cigarette smoking trajectories in adolescents
, Marilyn N. Ahun, 265369
Smoking cessation pharmacotherapy algorithm - A practice tool for physicians to treat tobacco dependence
, Ingrid Tyler, 265371
The relationship between nicotine dependence and physical health among patients receiving injectable opioid agonist treatment in the SALOME clinical trial
, Heather Palis, 265374
Evaluation of Fraser Health's community based overdose response
, Manal Masud, 265375
Harm reduction tends to be focused on a health mandate: Exploring politics, practices, and discourses of harm reduction in the overdose crisis
, Magnus Nowell, 265376
Association between alcohol outlet access and alcohol attributable emergency department visits in Ontario between 2013 - 2017
, Daniel Myran, 265377
Blockchain technology: A new era for EMR's and public health surveillance
, Dory Abelman, 265378
Intérêts et stratégies d'influence des partenaires et processus délibératif en santé publique : une étude de cas
, Achille Dadly Borvil, 265379
Ambulance offload delay: The impact on paramedics and patient care
, Nicole Mfoafo-MCarthy, 265380
Identifying adolescent co-morbidities: Patterns of co-morbid gambling and risk behaviours among a representative sample of youth in Ontario
, Chantal Williams, 265381
Responsible gambling: A scoping review
, Jennifer Reynolds, 265382
Interventions for homeless youth: A systematic narrative review
, Jean Zhuo Wang, 265383
Addressing gaps to innovative STBBI testing strategies in Canada
, Jami Neufeld, 265384
Pilot randomized controlled trial of an interconception intervention provided by public health nurses
, Hilary Brown, 265385
Prématurité et risque de fracture traumatique
, Jonathan Michaud, 265388
Epidemiology of adolescent pregnancy in a developing area: A six-year population-based cross-sectional study
, Fernando Nampo, 265389
Why so many neonates die in the largest international border of Brazil? A case control study
, Fernando Nampo, 265390
Trends and determinants of contraceptive use among unmarried adolescents in Nigeria: A multivariate analysis
, Franklin Onukwugha, 265391
No! I won't offer it: A qualitative study of the attitudes of service providers to adolescents use of sexual health services in Nigeria
, Franklin Onukwugha, 265392
Perceived barriers and facilitators to accessing primary healthcare services for adults with disabilities in low and middle income countries
, Goli Hashemi, 265393
A gendered perspective on healthy equity: Protective health practices and equitable access to local built environments
, Keely Stenberg, 265394
Pratiques d'équité en santé chez des infirmières francophones travaillant en santé communautaire
, Geneviève McCready, 265396
The fight against poverty led in rural municipalities of the Quebec Network of Healthy Cities and Towns: An exploration of winning conditions
, Lucie Gélineau, 265398
Powerplays: A playbook for developing powerful Community Advisory Committees
, Janina Krabbe, 265399
Health professionals and climate change communication: An exploratory study in Northern Ontario
, Robert Sanderson, 265402
The Alberta Healthy Communities Approach: Building community capacity for sustained and equitable action on the environments that shape our health and well-being
, Lisa Allen Scott, 265403
Support and use of protected bicycle facilities: Baseline results from INTERACT Victoria
, Melissa Tobin, 265404
CIHI's hospital databases: Quality morbidity data at your fingertips
, Michelle Policarpio, 265405
Concretizing gender-based analysis plus in policy making
, Bronwyn Rodd, 265406
Impact of physician-based palliative care delivery models on end-of-life outcomes: A population-based retrospective cohort study
, Catherine Brown, 265407
Preventability of dementia in Canadian primary care
, Anh Pham, 265408
Through Their Eyes: An intergenerational project exploring older adults' experiences
, Tia Rogers-Jarrell, 265409
Farmers' health and wellbeing in the context of changing farming practice: A qualitative study
, Madeleine Bondy, 265410
Patterns of depression prevalence across socio-economic factors in British Columbia, 2009 - 2013
, Drona Rasali, 265411
Health equity in cancer screening - Using a geographic approach to assess socio-demographic factors and cancer screening rates in Calgary
, Harmony McRae, 265412
Inuusinni Aqqusaaqtara: An Inuit cancer project
, Savanah Ashton, 265413
Indoor radon exposure: An important cause of lung cancer
, Michel Gauthier, 265414
Evaluation of current provincial/federal chest x-ray screening policy for tuberculosis in long-term care facilities
, Mariana Herrera, 265415
Modelling spatiotemporal patterns of Lyme disease emergence in Quebec
, Marc-Antoine Tutt-Guérette, 265416
Contributions of social capital to community resilience in Walkerton, Ontario: Sixteen years post-outbreak
, Konrad Lisnyj, 265418
Multi-pathogen infection prevention policy in a child care facility
, Monica Cojocaru, 265419
Surveillance of laboratory exposure to human pathogens and toxins in Canada
, Dalia Choucrallah, 265420
Analysis of available training options for Canadian professionals in public health emergency response
, André La Prairie, 265421
Immunization resources - Are they meeting the practical needs of immunization program managers?
, Chandni Sondagar, 265424
Seasonal influenza preparedness: A scoping review and best practices framework for seasonal influenza surge preparedness in Ontario
, Alexa Caturay, 265426
The decision of whether to receive the influenza vaccine: An integrative review of nurses' moral reasoning
, Caitlin Chalmers, 265427
Cannabis packaging, labeling and health warnings: Using the tobacco control literature to address current gaps
, Mohammed Al-Hamdani, 265428
Evaluative conditioning and approach bias modification training tasks: A review of the literature on substance use
, Shannon Golsof, 265430
A snapshot of cannabis use and associated and perceived harms among Canadian students, pre-legalization
, Sarah Konefal, 265431
Are school cannabis policies associated with student engagement in cannabis?
, Megan Magier, 265432
Carrying high over the decades: Re-analysis of in utero cannabis exposure on low birth weight
, Stephanie Susman, 265434
A systematic review assessing the impacts of cannabis use on non-traffic injuries
, Claire Benny, 265435
Sex, gender and cannabis: a scoping literature review on patterns of cannabis use and health effects
, Lorraine Greaves, 265437
Developing equitable approaches to prevention, harm reduction and the route of administration): Aligning cannabis, tobacco and vaping products
, Natalie Hemsing, 265438
Residential Green Space and Mental Health: Analyses of the CARTaGENE population cohort's data
, Nolwenn Noisel, 265440
Using new remoteness classifications to understand the population at-risk of higher rates of avoidable mortality in Canada
, Shirin Roshanafshar, 265441

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